Greetings, and welcome.  I’m an active duty colonel preparing to assume command of 1,400 of America’s finest warriors. One way to assist these men and women is by enabling some insight into their boss’s mindset, so in this blog I’ll document some leadership thoughts now and while in command. 

My other social media pages have contained random musings about leadership, typically starting with the phrase “Leaders, pull up a stump…”.  Rather than continue burying leadership nuggets among pictures of pets and kids acting silly, friends asked for these ideas to be put in a blog for long term access so these topics can be easily found.  At least that’s what they said; it may simply be an attempt to free their Facebook feeds of anything that looks like work. Either way, it’s game on.

Please join in over the next couple of years.  Your thoughts on leadership are highly relevant, and may inspire critical insights when needed most.

Posts here probably won’t contain any dazzling original leadership ideas, but pondering the concepts of history’s leaders in light of today’s circumstances may be useful. The simple act of thinking is worthwhile; just as exercise keeps a body fit, thinking about leadership and putting thoughts to ‘trons will help sharpen our mental edge. Some of these topics may relate to real life challenges faced by other senior military leaders, and some may also relate to the broader world of business and nonprofits.

So, fellow leaders, pull up a stump. Let’s talk about leadership.


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