Great Bosses

Steve Carell, as bumbling manager Michael Scott in the TV series The Office. (Not a great boss.)

Great bosses are a wonderful thing. We could go into detail, but it’s already been done. A good recap of things great bosses do is linked below. Incidentally, these things that make a great boss also make a good leader, a good commander, a good NCOIC… you get the picture.

Alison Green writes the Ask A Manager blog and put this list together. It’s a good read. Leaders, pull up a stump and enjoy!

(Headers from the article are copied and pasted below, but it’s  her copyrighted work so to see the full article with more detail and embedded examples please go to the links provided.)

The full article can be found here: 

Alison’s Ask A Manager blog entry:

10 Things Great Bosses Do

We hear a lot about bad bosses because they generate so many complaints … but great bosses don’t get a lot of press. But they’re out there, leading teams effectively, producing results, and delighting their employees.

Looking for a way to identify them? Here’s a list of 10 things great bosses do. See how your own manager stacks up – or, if you’re a manager yourself, check how you measure up to this list.

1. Great bosses give feedback – both praise and criticism. …

2. Great bosses lay out clear expectations. …

3. Great bosses keep the focus on results. …

4. Great bosses are accessible. …

5. Great bosses care passionately about the makeup of their team. …

6. Great bosses are constantly looking for ways to get better. …

7. Great bosses ask for (and truly welcome) input. …

8. Great bosses treat employees like adults. …

9. Great bosses measure their own performance by their lowest performer. …

10. Great bosses treat people well. …

Have a boss who meets all or most of these items? Or worked for one in the past? Let them know how much you appreciate them – because these bosses are a valuable and rare commodity.

– See more at:


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